Discovering Andalucia

I am not going to even attempt to write a tome about Andalucia ! There are 1,000 's of informative travel guides and web sites about this historic place. What I am going to offer visitors to our site is a snap shot of the most popular provinces of Andalucia and from the purchasers prospective what each province has to offer.
The gateway to the South, Andalucia coves a huge 87,000 km 2 and is the largest region in Spain. Its a diverse and exciting region, its history colourful and exotic, I defy anyone to come here and not be effected by the drama of the countryside, and the warm and affection of the Andalucian people . No wonder us Northern European's flock here !
There are 8 provinces in Andalucia , here is a very brief comment about each one :- Of course I have my favorites , but wherever you settle, one thing I know for sure is that your life will be enriched in this warm, welcoming and wonderful region.
Huelva – Christopher Columbus set off on his great discoveries from the  port of Palos in Huelva province , its an area of natural beauty and famous for it’s fabulous strawberries !  It borders Portugal and is full of river estuaries. Not unlike the Norfolk Boards , but a lot warmer !  Lots of Nature Reserves and beautiful white beaches. The interior is fairly flat compared to the rest of Andalucia and can be a bit bleak in the winter months.
Almeria - Home to the spaghetti western ! There is even a theme park devoted to the Western film studio's of the 1960's out inthe dessert !  The most Easterly Province of Andalucia.   This rugged province has a desert like interior, rugged coastlines strectching some 200 klm  with many hidden coves and beaches . Its very hot in summer and temperate in winter.
Cadiz  - Less know, but increasingly popular , possibly because of the last James Bond movie that was filmed there !  Its the southern most par of Spain  and closest to Morocco. The influences of Africa are everywhere ! Gorgeous " hippy " Tarifa to trendy Vejer de la Frontera and historic Arcos , its all here on the Costa de Luz " the Coast of Light "   Miles of outstanding unspoilt white beaches and historic little villages ,  a small note of caution for those looking for a permament home , there is a reason why this area is the windsurfing captial of Europe ....  Winter can be very windy and cold. Summer its unbeatable !
Cordoba  -  This is a landlocked province , bordered by Malaga, Seville, Jaen and Granada . Home to the Moors for centuries, much famed for its fino sherry  , olives and beautiful women !  Cordoba city is a marvel ,  bursting with history, the surrounding towns and villages no less interesting. A great province for rural tourism businesses. If your budget is tight, you will get a lot for your money in this province.
Granada   - Exotic and sensual, you can feel the throb of the flamenco guitar as soon as you set foot in Granada ! and what a province - ski resort, fabulous beaches, rugged mountain villages and fabulous nature parks.  Granada is a fantastic modern city , with a jewel in the crown - the staggering Alhambra Palace .  Home to many Northern European's , this province has something for everyone. But beware , in the winter the Alpujarras and the Sierra's are bitterly cold ! That said, just jump on the brand new motoway from Granada to Motril and you will be basking in the winter sunshine in less than 30 mins !
Malaga -  "The gateway to the Costa del Sol" . The provincial capital is the second largest city in Andalucia and possibly one of the most vibrant, atmospheric and historic in Spain, with its centre with wide leafy boulevards, endearingly dilapidated streets and buildings, museums and monuments all set against the backdrop of the sparkling blue Mediterranean. You can still enjoy " real Spain " without living on the busy Costas, explore the pretty villages in the immediate inland regions behind the Coast, we love Monda, Ojen, Istan and Benahavis .
Seville -  Sexy, vibrant, historic , the place of choice for Kings and Queens, past and present. Its about as exciting and exotic as a place can be. Outwards from the town are some fabulous villages, dating back to Roman Times, we love Carmona, Medina Sedonia , Osuna, to name but a few.  Its also known as the frying pan of Spain - why - because in summer temperatures can reach a breath taking 50 C !! But there is always good old air con ! .
The interior between Malaga and Seviile  is a delight, you can chose between the pretty inland costal areas, which allow you to be on the beaches within 15 mins, to the hinterland, where you will find glorious lakes, amazing National Parks and a host of white villages where you will be welcomed and charmed within minutes of your arrival !