Working in Andalucia

Many people ( us included ) came to Andalucia looking for an change of life style , but sadly that did not mean we could lie on the beach all day, most of us , unless we are retired , still have to earn a crust !

But whether you opt for setting up your own business or you are employed by a company, you will need some advise about how to begin.

So here is the only hot tip you will ever need . Take some professional advice , and that means from a qualified person, not the nice chap you met at the local tapas bar !

Check out You can download for free a really excellent and informative guide about all matters legal that you, as an expat should know. This company offers sound and reasonable advice and help and at sensible prices , and they speak excellent English, so if you have not got to grips with the language yet, no need to worry .

Now trust us on this - you need a good accountant if you are either going to be self employed or starting a business - we highly recommend Rose and Clavel . Excellent advice , affordable and English speaking . The Spanish tax system is complicated enough, so dont struggle with language barriers until you are confident enough to do so. Misunderstandings cost money !

FINAL TIP ! Books - there are some great " living in spain " books out there. Personally my bibie has been a book by David Searl . its called You and the Law in Spain , and in our humble opinion its a must have for anyone rellocating here. Simple and easy to follow, available on Amazon.